Blog 9- Dining Room Exploration

Blog 9- Dining Room Exploration

BLOG 9- Dining Room Exploration

The new adventure we had was removing the wood laminate flooring in the dining room.  As you can see in the picture below, we have already uncovered the arches.

Under that was the same plywood that was in the living room that we already pulled up.  We had no idea what to expect damage-wise since we had previously found so much in the living room.

My son, whose seven, is a very big help. He enjoys learning and putting those muscles to work. He is ADHD and helping do these jobs really help him to focus. We hope that each of our kids can learn something during this process.

We’ve finally made it down to the original wood flooring.

We did not find nearly the same amount of damage and debris on this side of the house as we did in the living room.  We’ve found that some of the cold air vents were no longer in use but currently taking up obscene amounts of room.  This original floor carries completely through the living room and dining room.  Then you can see a difference in the front half of the wood, where it was originally a porch.  It is much lighter in color and not nearly as damaged.

We did find some damage underneath the arches to our surprise!  In fact, there was NOTHING holding up the right column at all.  Hubby reached down under it and pulled up piles of mulch…

Once we got that re-supported, we started playing around with the idea of widening the walkway into that room.

The girls thought the saw was pretty loud; however, the boy didn’t notice….

Hubby is checking inside the holes to see what’s in there.

How wide is the chimney shown on the right bookcase?

Is there a header?  Or will the second story fall down when we open it up.

He’s feeling around to find exactly what might be up there.  Where do the walls come together, where do the joints meet, is there any electric up in there, etc.?



While cleaning out the vents we found WOODY!!  He’d been missing since our 10-year old was a toddler.  Now our three year old is terrified of it!

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