1 Farm House Return

1 Farm House Return

In March our long time tenant moved out of our old house. We had lived there for 7 years at that point we decided to move and rent out the property. Our hearts belong in this house and we were never able to bring ourselves to leave it. 
Our tenants had to move out unexpectedly due to unforeseen reasons. Our first day back on the property, just checking it out to see if we should rent or sell it, we all remembered how much we loved it.
When you walk in the side entrance of this house you enter through the kitchen. Yes, those are hardwood cabinets from the 1950s with the original - still working- oven. We redid the counter tops while living there previously. 
 The tenants left the inside of the house in basically the same condition we left it. 
This is the laundry room. It is located right off of the kitchen with another exterior door. This porch takes you to the summer kitchen. 
Next we have the family room. 
Followed, by the dining room. 

This photo is the front door, and joins both the family room and dining room. 

Staircase leading upstairs and the exposed original fireplace. We exposed that and turned it into a bookshelf when we lived here prior. 

Upstairs hallway. When we originally purchased this house it was a three bedroom walk through. We turned it into a true three bedroom and added this hallway. The staircase is the opening to the right. Bedroom 2 is further to the right. The master is on the left. 

Hallway two: this is where I was standing to take the other photo. However, I was facing right when I took it. This is the upstairs full bathroom. And behind me is the third bedroom. 

Master Bedroom with large walk in closet. 


Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

The outside of the property was over grown we'd lost lots of trees over the years we'd been gone. 


There is a large over- sized garage on the property. That was also in need of some attention. 

 Some vines taking over the gutters, fascia, and walls. 

This is our neighbors greenhouse. But that is a story for another day. 

Rear of the garage. 


Well after many sleepless nights between my husband and I we decided we would move back into this house. But then we found some issues....... read our next blog telling you how we remodeled each and every room. 


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This means so much to me because it was my great grandparents and grandparents home. I love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I will stop in soon.

Anne Blackwell

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