4 Holy Arches, Oh My!

4 Holy Arches, Oh My!

If you read my previous blog you would have seen these beautiful arch structures. I’ll include the photo next.

While living here previously, we were made aware that there could still indeed be those lovely arches buried somewhere behind all that drywall and layers of wall paper. While the tenants were moving out, they made a small hole in the wall and that little hole encouraged us to dig a little deeper and see what we could find.


Low and be hold, two arches resting on two columns -- each extending to the exterior walls with another arch.


The process of removing each layer: each individualized touch every prior home owner made to this home to make it their own.

Layers of paint, drywall, a little plaster, 1980's screws mixed in with pre-1950 nails. 

Around every corner is another covered and hidden bit of history of personalities.

Look how open and large the rooms look now with all that sunshine shining through!

We believe since this front section used to be an enclosed porch, that was later converted into living space. That this would have been an exterior wall and the front door being between two of the columns.

We’ve tried to figure out why someone would want to close up the entrance and then cover up the arches and make thick, bigger chunky versions. But for the life of us we can’t find any reason worth losing all that sunlight.

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