As promised the much talked about ‘greenhouses’.

Here is a little history behind our neighbors' property, as  written by the previous owners: 

The property next door to ours is for sale. It has been vacant since before we moved out. It used to be a very well-known florist shop in the area. The greenhouses have long since been idle, but we had the honor of touring them last week. 

The entire lower level of this massive building is set up for a commercial florist. Then the entire upper level is a long apartment. Then behind the building are lots of greenhouses in strips. They have elevated plant beds and a massive boiler system that was set up to heat and cool the greenhouses.  

We’ve been waiting for years to see what they will turn this property into. However, we have a shared well and are afraid of the consequences if they were to re-open a fully-functional commercial greenhouse again.

The very first thing we did was put up the privacy fence to block all of the abandoned and disintegrating greenhouses from our sight. 

A front view of the floral business: 


Here is an aerial look at the property. Ours being on the right and the greenhouses on the left. All of the greenery around the greenhouses is actually weeds growing in the elevated beds, that are visible because none of the roofs have any coverings on them anymore.

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